Holidays are coming.

I am so excited.  I haven’t mentioned it previously, but we are going on a ridiculously awesome holiday this coming week.

We fly into Christchurch and spend a couple of nights in Akaroa.  Then we drive in our rental car (likely to be a bomb, as it was described as cheap and cheerful on the website.) down to Dunedin to see friends.  We are away for just over a week, and I just can’t wait.

I will endeavour to blog at least once while we are away, but I can’t make promises.  I may be having too much fun to blog.

I saw a friend from my old work today, she was talking about some crazy work stuff and I was just so glad that I am not there anymore, the drama and bouldershite.

So, this was a short sweet blog, I’m still alive, loving life.  I’ve actually been out in the sun enjoying this earth, and growing some sweet plants.  My spaghetti squashes twin was eaten by snails, but one of them soldiers on.  My fennel seedlings are so cute with their miniature fennel fronds.  One dwarf bean looks okay, one looks shrivelled and half eaten.  Hopefully all is well when we return…

We sold the old car, so relieved about that.  She has gone to a new home.  We are back to being a two car household.  Yay!


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